Google Pixel 4a turns up in Canada’s Radio Equipment List

The listing confirms the Pixel 4a name, model number and suggests it will come to Canada soon

Canada’s Radio Equipment List (REL), an online database of radio equipment certified for use in Canada, now includes the Pixel 4a.

Google’s Pixel 4a has long been the subject of many rumours. Several people expected the follow-up to the search giant’s excellent Pixel 3a to arrive at Google I/O 2020. However, after the company cancelled its annual developer conference, the Pixel 4a seemed to fall into limbo with no known release date.

With the device appearing in the REL, it could mean it’ll arrive soon. Wireless devices like cellphones must pass through the REL before they come to Canada.

Unfortunately, the REL doesn’t reveal any important details about the device. Beyond confirming Google certified a cellphone called the Pixel 4a with model number G025J in Canada, the REL doesn’t show anything else.

It’s worth noting that a device bearing the G025J also recently passed through the FCC in the U.S. Along with it were the G025M and G025N, which likely reference regional variants.

Another rumour suggests there could be multiple Pixel 4a models, one with 5G support and one without. If this is the case, the REL doesn’t show any other Pixel 4a models. That could mean only one of the two rumoured variants will come to Canada.

Likely we’ll find out more about the Pixel 4a in the coming weeks. Samsung’s rumoured wireless Galaxy Buds Live also recently appeared in the REL database.

Source: REL (Note that due to the structure of the REL website, the link will direct you to the database search page.)