Facebook testing simpler Pages layout without ‘Like’ button

The redesign is still in the testing phase so it's unknown when or if it will roll out to more users

Facebook is experimenting with a new layout for ‘Pages’ that removes ‘Like’ counts and makes it easier to manage.

The new design is cleaner and provides a more readable layout and makes it easier for people who operate Pages to manage them. TechCrunch notes that the new redesign was initially tested with a few public figures on the mobile app, and is starting to roll out to more Pages.

Facebook notes that redesign is aimed at making Pages less complex and simpler, especially now that people are connecting online more due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The new layout makes it easier to see important information like a Page’s bio and posts. Most notably, the new layout doesn’t have a ‘Like’ button, and only has a ‘Follow’ button.

This change gives a better understanding of the Page’s activity and reach, since the follower count displays how many users are receiving the Page’s new updates in their news feed. It also makes it less confusing between deciding whether you want to like or follow a page.

The social media giant is also going to give Page owners more features to navigate between their personal profiles and public-facing Pages.

Facebook hasn’t disclosed when it plans to roll out the new layout more widely since it’s still testing the redesign.

Image credit: Facebook

Via: TechCrunch