The next Forza game brings ray tracing to the track

The game almost looks too real

Microsoft has officially revealed the next title in the Forza simulation racing series.

The new Forza looks fantastic, and the extra effort put into the game’s new engine seems set to add even more realism to the long-running racing series.

Forza Motorsport is slated to release for the Xbox Series X, PC and Xbox Game Pass, but there’s no mention if the game will be playable on Xbox One consoles.

The significant visual improvement this time around is the addition of ray tracing tech that adds better reflections and lighting. Turn 10 Studios even mentions seeing the light of a red card reflected off the asphalt of the track.

It’s also worth noting that Turn 10 is still developing Forza Motorsport, so long time fans shouldn’t have to worry about any major changes to the franchise.

The game is also confirmed to run at 4K/60fps.