OnePlus reportedly bringing Nord-branded phone to Canada by the year’s end

Who knows exactly when the phone will arrive in Canada

As the hype for the OnePlus Nord dies down, it’s being reported that a separate Nord-branded phone will come to North America later this year.

The news comes from Wired’s review of the phone, where Pei says that a Nord phone, not necessarily the same Nord that just got released, will make its way to North America before the year’s end.

That’s good news for Canadians since the first Nord seems to be making quite a splash in the markets it’s already released in, and it only costs roughly $595 CAD.

Since there are five months of the year left, the phone will likely come out fairly soon since the Nord hype is high right now, but only time will tell when the company plans to release the North American Nord.

If you’re curious about the Nord that didn’t release in Canada, you can learn about it here. 

Source: Wired