Spotify streaming consumption returning to pre-pandemic levels

It's seeing a rise in podcast consumption

Spotify has revealed listening hours have rebounded back to the same numbers it was seeing prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It notes that recovery was most prominent in areas that are starting to recover from the virus, according to the streaming service’s recent earnings release.

In Spotify’s previous earnings release, it revealed significant changes to listening habits as people were confined to their homes. It noted that weekday habits were similar to the weekend, as people’s morning routines shifted.

It now saw that listening hours are back to normal, but that it still varies around the world. It notes that recovery was most significant in Europe and Asia.

Further, although in-car listening is starting to increase again, it’s still less than it was prior to the pandemic. This makes sense since the majority of workplaces are working from home and people aren’t commuting as much. Overall podcast consumption has also more than doubled.

Spotify noted that it saw a 29 percent year-over-year increase in its monthly active users as it reached 299 million this quarter. It also saw a 27 percent increase in subscribers to 138 million.

Source: Spotify Via: The Verge


  • Aisha Malik

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