Wow Mobile finishes staggered reopening of its 83 locations

Wow says it developed a 'COVID-19 playbook' and new precautions to protect customers

Wow Mobile Boutique

Wow Mobile announced that it has officially reopened all its locations.

The retailer, which sells wireless services and devices for Rogers, Telus and their flanker brands, completed a staggered reopening plan this week.

The plan started with a ten-store pilot launch in early May. Wow says it kept in daily communication with its field members and store managers to gather information to prepare for the next round of openings.

Now all 83 locations across Canada are up and running again.

New precautions include increased cleaning measures, mapped traffic zones in kiosks, redesigned kiosks with plexiglass, neutral zones to help with item transfer and transactions, increased PPE, additional employee uniforms, a one-time use stylus and pen for sign-ups that customers can keep and more.

Wow also says it found that customers liked the kiosks more than standard retail stores because the more open nature allowed families to shop together. Retail stores, on the other hand, restricted customers to one at a time.

Wow Mobile first closed its stores in March, but the company says it began planning for its eventual reopen almost immediately. Those interested in learning more about Wow Mobile or finding a location near them can head to the retailer’s website.