Telegram latest tech company to file antitrust complaint against Apple

The company joins Spotify and Rakuten

Telegram is the latest tech company to file a formal antitrust complaint against Apple with the EU’s competition authority.

Pavel Durov, the founder of the app, published a post outlining his arguments for the complaint and why he believes people should be concerned about Apple’s App Store practices.

He argues that Apple’s 30 percent fee on app developers causes high prices for iPhone users. His other arguments touch on censorship concerns, criticisms of Apple’s app review process, and a claim that the App Store lacks user privacy since the tech giant is aware of the apps people are downloading and engaging with.

Earlier this week, Durov published a separate post outlining Apple’s “30 percent tax on apps.” He claims that operating the App Store does not cost what Apple generates in revenue.

Durov touches on the fact that app companies don’t have the option to only create apps for Android, considering iOS’ install base.

“Try to imagine Telegram or TikTok as Android-only apps and you will quickly understand why avoiding Apple is impossible,” he wrote. “You can’t just exclude iPhone users. As for the iPhone users, the costs for consumers to switch from an iPhone to an Android is so high that it qualifies as a monopolistic lock-in.”

It’ll be interesting to see if these arguments will carry weight with the EU.

Source: TechCrunch