Google Pixel 4a supports Netflix HDR content

The phone launches on September 10th

On Monday, Google finally revealed the Pixel 4a, a phone that has been rumoured since last year. While it won’t be in the hands of Canadian consumers until September, Netflix has already certified the phone for HD and HDR support.

Netflix’s support page that lists all its HD/HDR-support Android device now includes the Pixel 4a. The phone joins its Pixel brethren like the 4/4XL and 3/3XL, but, notably, not the Pixel 3a or the 3a XL.

The Pixel 3a and 3a XL offered HD playback but lacked HDR, which means it was unable to display brighter colours and contrast like the flagship devices.

With the Pixel 4a offering HDR playback, anyone who upgrades from the 3a should have better Netflix experience on the newer device.

The Google Pixel 4a is now available for pre-order and launches in Canada on September 10th.