Google Assistant can now sing a song about the benefits of wearing a mask [Update]

Update:14:08:2020: Unfortunately, this feature is not available in Canada, but we still have a song that’ll remind us to wash our hands. 🙂

Google has always done some weird things with Assistant, like telling children Frozen stories, making jokes and giving the location of Santa. Now, you can listen to Assistant sing a song about the benefits of wearing a mask, reports Android Police.

When you now ask Google to sing you a song, it’ll sing a new song about wearing a mask to the tune of ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.’ I actually don’t get this feature, and when I do ask Google to sing me a song, it’s about washing your hands.

AP has shared the lyrics below:

When in public, wear a mask

Just a teeny, weeny task

It helps keep us safe and sound

Health and care, all around

On your mouth and on your nose

Good to cover both of those

It’s unclear if this is available in Canada. However, this is just one of the new COVID-19 related reminders that Google has added to its services. Previously, a Google Doodle reminded users to wear a mask and provided information about COVID and the benefits of wearing a mask. Additionally, Google Maps also previewed banners to remind users to wear a mask in the U.S.

Video credit: Android Police

Source: Android Police