SkipTheDishes has sold 7 million pounds of potato products since the start of the pandemic

Canadians sure do like potatoes

French fries

SkipTheDishes has revealed that nearly seven million pounds (3.17 kg) of potato products were sold through its service since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Altogether, this was a 72 percent increase in sales of potato foods during the pandemic than before it began.

SkipTheDishes is revealing this data alongside McCain Foods Canada in celebration of National Potato Day, which takes place on Wednesday, August 19th.

Other Skip potato statistics include:

  • One in four orders include a potato item
  • New Brunswick saw the highest potato demand with 102 percent more orders containing the food item
  • One in six orders included fries, with 88 percent of all potato orders consisting of fries
  • PEI and New Brunswick have the highest percentage of orders that contain fries, but Ontarians ordered the most potatoes (8,870,047)
  • Hashbrowns were most often ordered at 9am, while fries and mashed potatoes were most popular at 5pm

Unfortunately, there wasn’t any specific data on poutine orders.

Have you ordered potato foods on SkipTheDishes during the pandemic? Let us know in the comments.

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons