Pixel Buds starting to appear in ‘Find My Device’ app

The app now shows the last device the Pixel Buds were connected to

Pixel Buds 2020 in charging case

Google’s ‘Find My Device’ app can now locate Pixel Buds, as users are starting to see their buds connected to their account on the app.

9to5Google reports that once you login into the app on Android or on the web, you can see your Pixel Buds. Users can see what phone they were “last connected to” along with the time and date.

This information is displayed on top of a map with a pinned location of the buds. It’s important to note that Pixel Buds won’t appear in Search through the ‘find device’ query yet. Information regarding the Pixel Buds’ last connection won’t appear in the ‘find device’ menu in the Pixel Buds app either.

These features will likely appear in a later update, as Pixel Buds users are just starting to see the early steps of the integration.

The Pixel Buds launched in Canada earlier this year for $239. Notable features include Google Assistant integration, IPX3 water and dust resistance and a Qi charging case.

They also have an ‘Adaptive Sound’ functionality that adjusts the earbuds’ volume based on the surrounding noise.

Source: 9to5Google