Tesla blocking aftermarket speed mod with latest update

This aftermarket upgrade probably isn't worth buying

If you have an aftermarket speed mod from Ingenext, you might not want to update to the latest Tesla software just yet. Tesla is splashing a warning on the screen of any cars with the update, which is likely very annoying to drivers.

Ingenext makes a device that drivers can plug into their Dual Motor Model 3s to unlock a 50 horsepower boost and other features like ‘Drift mode’ and a reduced throttle response time. Tesla offers a similar speed update via software, but it costs more than Ingenext’s option.

There’s probably only a small number of users with this $1,400 CAD add-on since it only came out back in June, but it’s still interesting Tesla is blocking the update.

Ingenext told Electrek that it’s working on a fix, but users shouldn’t update to the latest Tesla software for at least one to two weeks.

Electric cars present a unique opportunity for automakers to control their vehicles after users buy them. This is both good and bad — for example, blocking this relatively small speed increase seems wrong, but most people would likely want Tesla to block user-made updates to the self-driving system since they could potentially be dangerous.

Source: Electrek