Uber to expand mask selfie verification feature to riders

Some riders will be prompted to take a selfie before they can use the service

Uber plans to roll out a global selfie feature to verify that riders are wearing a mask while using the service.

This feature was first rolled out to Uber drivers in May after the ridesharing company launched its “No Mask No Ride” policy amid the pandemic, requiring both parties to wear face coverings. Drivers are currently required to take a selfie before they can start driving, after which the app’s AI system will verify if they’re wearing a mask.

Now, Uber is getting ready to roll out the rider selfie feature in Canada and the United States by the end of September, followed by other regions around the world. However, riders won’t be subject to the same requirements as drivers.

Riders will only be prompted to take a selfie if a driver has previously reported that they weren’t wearing a mask.

Uber told Reuters that this feature will mainly target riders who are returning to the service after a long time and may not be aware of the new mask policy.

The app stores the selfies for 96 hours in case any potential disputes arise, after which it permanently deletes them.

Uber has also stated that 99.5 percent of all trips taken on the platform since May have been completed without complaints over masks from both riders and drivers. Both parties have the ability to cancel a ride if the other person isn’t wearing a mask.

Source: Reuters