Job posting suggests Tesla’s solar roofs finally coming to Canada

The company appears to be looking for a crew of solar roofers

After years of waiting, it looks like Tesla is finally bringing its solar roofs to Canada.

The company is currently looking for a lead solar roofer, according to an online job posting. The EV company wants to find a solar panel expert that can lead and teach its Canadian team everything there is to know about solar energy and how to install it.

There are a few other specifics included in the job posting, but for the most part, this online help-wanted ad doesn’t entirely clear up Tesla’s solar ambitions in Canada. There’s also a posting for a regular solar roofer, which will presumably work under the lead roofer.

Tesla offers two solar options, so it’s unclear if both will come to Canadian roofs or if the company will start with the lower-cost roof instead. The company’s main roof product is called Solar Roof, and it uses strong power-generating tiles to cover your roof, so it looks like a traditional building. The other option uses standard solar panels that go on top of your existing shingles or roof tiles.

Both will likely appear in Canada since it seems that Tesla has overcome most, if not all, of the manufacturing hurdles that were initially holding back the solar roof tech.

Hopefully, Tesla will find its lead solar roofer soon, and the program will officially spread to Canada. However, for now, it seems like Canadians are still going to have to wait to get a hold of the company’s cutting edge solar tech.

Source: Tesla Via: Drive Tesla Canada