Babylon by Telus Health launches AI-powered digital health assessment tool

The AI tool gives users a holistic view of their health

Babylon by Telus Health is launching a new digital health assessment tool within the app called ‘Healthcheck.’

The AI-driven tool gives users a holistic view of their health and suggests lifestyle changes to reduce risk for potential issues.

Telus says the tool was designed by doctors, scientists and epidemiologists to provide recommendations for actionable changes to reduce a patient’s risk for disease.

Patients who use the tool will go through three steps to get recommendations. Firstly, a chatbot interface will ask users about their medical history and lifestyle factors to assess their current health status and predict their future disease risks.

Next, the assessment results are presented to the user through a ‘Digital Twin,’ which is a realistic representation of the human body broken down by organs. Users can explore it to get a better understanding of their risks and the factors affecting them.

The tool will then provide a projection of the user’s potential risk for disease and suggest lifestyle changes to reduce their risk levels.

You can choose from three assessment questionnaires: mood, nutrition and activity. Telus notes that the results do not constitute medical advice or diagnoses and don’t act as a substitute for a doctor or other healthcare professionals.

Source: Telus