Leaked images point to ‘Pixel 5s,’ could be a Pixel 5 with mmWave support

It looks like Google could launch a Pixel 5 and 5s this year

Newly leaked images suggest Google could launch a ‘Pixel 5s’ alongside the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G later this year.

Jose Antonio Ponton posted pictures of a device on Twitter. It clearly looks like a Pixel 5 built for internal testing. It sports a textured backplate, fingerprint scanner and the Pixel’s signature square camera bump, as well as a weird symbol where the ‘G’ logo would typically appear.

The weird symbol is typically what Google adds to internal testing devices to attempt to ward off leaks. However, the picture of the device isn’t anything we haven’t seen before. What’s more interesting is the setting page in the next picture.


Ponton’s second image shows the ‘About phone’ page, which includes the Pixel 5s device name.

It’s not immediately clear from these images what sets the Pixel 5s apart from the Pixel 5 — a device Google already teased. Judging by how other manufacturers handle phone names (looking at you, Apple), the 5s could be a more powerful version of the Pixel 5. That would track since rumours point to the Pixel 5 sporting a Snapdragon 765. A Pixel 5s device could sport the more powerful Snapdragon 865.

XDA Developers’ Mishaal Rahman points out that the ‘s’ moniker could also indicate different 5G hardware, although other manufacturers haven’t done that so far. For example, the regular Pixel 5 may only support Sub-6GHz 5G while the 5s could offer mmWave support as well. Other smartphones that use suffixes to distinguish 5G capabilities don’t typically use ‘s,’ however. For example, the Samsung Galaxy A UW series or the OnePlus 8 5G UW at Verizon.


Still, that letter differentiator likely comes down to marketing. As Rahman explains on Twitter, FCC filings for the Pixel 5 show ‘GD1YQ’ and ‘G6QU3’ model numbers that support mmWave while two other models (‘GTT9Q’ and ‘G5NZ6’) don’t.

It’s worth noting that Canada’s Radio Equipment List (REL) database includes only the GTT9Q Pixel 5 model, which could mean we won’t see the 5s model with mmWave on this side of the border.

Source: @japonton Via: Android Authority