YouTube Music launches new feature called ‘assistive playlists’

The feature will suggest songs even if you just have a playlist name

YouTube Music will now suggest songs for users’ playlists with its new feature called ‘assistive playlists.’

The feature will suggest relevant songs based on factors like playlists names, existing songs in playlists, and users’ listening history. Users will see up to seven suggestions when editing a playlist.

If you want to see more suggestions, you can select the refresh button, which is similar to Spotify’s ‘recommended songs’ feature.

YouTube notes that even if your playlist just has a few tracks or even just a name, the feature will still be able to recommend songs for you.

YouTube says that users can now also brown other listeners’ public music playlists and uploaded music videos from their profile page on YouTube Music.

“This allows you to further browse collections from people whose musical taste you like and want to hear more from. Finding a user’s profile page is simple — just click on the playlist creator’s username on the playlist page,” YouTube states.

The streaming service recently launched ‘collaborative playlists’ to let users build and share playlists with their friends. All collaborators on a playlist can share, sort, add and edit playlists.

Source: YouTube