Google’s Area 120 launches Fundo for hosting and attending digital events

Fundo works in the U.S. and Canada, will come to more countries in the future

Fundo on Pixel 4a

Google’s internal startup incubator, Area 120, has launched a new platform for hosting paid events online.

Called ‘Fundo,’ the app is a way for individuals to set up internet meet-and-greets, workshops and other virtual events with fans. Fundo offers hosts full control over the cost of event tickets and even allows people to host free events.

Further, the software handles most of the logistics, including ticketing and livestreaming. That should help influencers and creators focus on the event and save them from having to use multiple apps to organize and host a virtual event.

Another benefit to Fundo is that it can prevent people who don’t have a ticket from joining an event. Considering the issues Zoom and other video chat platforms had in the spring when people would join calls and share disturbing or inappropriate content — a practice called ‘Zoombombing‘ — having a way to keep out unwanted participants is important.

For people looking to attend digital events, Fundo makes it easy by making it so people only need one app. Once you have Fundo, you can use it to browse for events (people can also share links to events). Area 120 says it has seen authors, fitness instructors and lifestyle consultants take advantage of the Fundo platform, as well as YouTubers.

Although it may seem that Fundo was made in response to challenges raised by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, a Google blog post notes that Area 120 began work on the platform back in 2018. Fundo’s creators were inspired by VidCon in 2018 and wanted to build a platform to facilitate a digital space for fans to meet popular creators and influencers.

Fundo works in both the U.S. and Canada for now and Area 120 hopes to expand availability to more countries soon.

Those interested in learning more or trying out Fundo for themselves can do so here.

Source: Google Via: Engadget


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