Instagram launches AI-powered video captions for IGTV

The feature is launching globally

Instagram is rolling out AI-powered automatic video captions for IGTV to make the platform more accessible.

The Facebook-owned company notes that as more people use the captions, the AI will learn and improve quality overtime. The feature is launching globally and is currently available in 16 languages.

Now when users upload an IGTV video, they’ll have the option to toggle on ‘Auto-Generated Captions’ in their caption settings. The new feature will help open up users’ content to a broader audience, and possibly even let people watch content without needing to turn sound on.

Instagram says that it heard from its community about the need for this feature, and is committed to supporting its users who are deaf and hard of hearing.

The social media giant notes that it plans to expand the feature to support more languages in the future.

Image credit: Instagram