Leaked images reveal Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite with tweaked remote

The new Fire TV Stick Lite looks similar to the second-gen Fire TV Stick, but ditches volume and power buttons for a TV button

It looks like Amazon is preparing to launch a new Fire TV Stick with a slightly tweaked remote.

As spotted by WinFuture, Amazon seems to have removed the second generation Fire TV Stick from its website. I confirmed this is also the case in Canada, where the page lists it as “currently unavailable.” However, along with the removed second-gen Fire TV Stick, WinFuture uncovered some marketing images for the new ‘Fire TV Stick Lite’ set to replace it.

Unfortunately, the publication didn’t have any technical data about what’s different with the Fire TV Stick Lite. The actual Fire TV Stick itself looks relatively unchanged compared to the image of the second-gen model. However, the remote features a few small differences.

First, the Lite ditches the volume, mute and power buttons. Although it’s not immediately clear why Amazon ditched those buttons, I imagine they were fairly redundant. Most people have a remote to control their TV and volume — having those controls on the Amazon remote as well is a bit extra.

Further, Amazon appears to have replaced those buttons with a new TV button. It’s not clear what it does, but the icon on the button just shows a TV. WinFuture notes that Amazon is collaborating with TV stations to make their programming available through the Fire TV Stick. With that in mind, the TV button could be an easy way for TV Stick users to quickly access streamable live channels.

Source: WinFuture


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