Google to form Android security team to ensure sensitive apps are secure

The team will focus on third party Android apps on Google Play

A job posting suggests that Google is going to form a new security team to ensure apps on Google Play that handle sensitive information don’t have security flaws.

The posting indicates that the tech giant wants to ensure that apps related to sensitive matters like COVID-19 and elections are secure and safe.

The new Android security team is going to complete any work carried out by firms as part of the Google Play Security Reward Program.

Further, the posting notes that the team is going to focus on “third party Android apps on Google Play, working to identify vulnerabilities and provide remediation guidance to impacted application developers.”

It’s worth noting that the Google Play Security Reward Program is limited to apps that have over 100 million users, which means that this new security team will work to ensure that smaller apps that handle sensitive data are also monitored and kept secure.

The formation of the new Android security team will essentially provide another layer of security against data leaks and other potential breaches.

Source: Google Careers Via: 9to5Google