Vex Robotics celebrates Hour of Code with ‘Coral Reef Cleanup’ activity

Participants can use Vex's online coding platform to control a VR robot and clean up a coral reef

Vex Robotics Hour of Code site on iPhone

Vex Robotics will celebrate Hour of Code — an initiative that hopes to ‘demystify’ code through hour-long coding activities and tutorials for students, educators and more — with an exclusive ‘Coral Reef Cleanup’ activity on December 7th.

In a release, Vex Robotics said the activity can shed light on how robots can change the world. The activity will have participants code instructions for a VR robot to clean up the Mangrove Reef. The robot will need to collect as much trash as possible before the solar-powered batteries run out of power.

Vex Robotics offers the activity in three levels for people with different levels of coding experience. Further, the actual coding aspect involves participants selecting and dragging modules from a side panel that control the robot in different ways. For example, some modules tell the robot to drive in a direction for a specific amount of time or to turn in a certain direction.

Aside from the Hour of Code event, Vex Robotics wants to raise awareness of the potential impact robots can have on the world. With the Coral Reef Cleanup activity, Vex connected it with the real-world issue of plastic in the ocean and shared statistics about plastic waste on its website.

Those interested in learning more can check out the Vex Robotics Hour of Code website. From there, you can also test your coding chops with the Coral Reef Cleanup activity if you’re interested.