OnePlus announces dedicated theme store, plans to reveal more at Open Ears Forum

OnePlus says it will accept applications from people willing to participate in a panel about themes and wallpaper customization

A dedicated theme store is the next big thing coming to OnePlus phones with OxygenOS 12. OnePlus announced the news in an official forum thread, which also revealed a few details about the forthcoming OnePlus Open Ears Forum (OEF), which is scheduled for May 18th

“Our wishes of having offline OEF have to be postponed until it’s 100 percent secure outside,” OnePlus said in its forum post.
“While waiting for that day to come, we’re bringing back the online OEF with a brand-new topic — Theme Store. This may not be an unfamiliar topic for you, as you might have tried some custom themes or wallpapers downloaded from other theme stores before. In fact, this is a highly-requested feature.”

OnePlus intends to hold a discussion about the latest OxygenOS 12 updates, which brings with it a new dedicated theme store, with a panel of 15 users and other OnePlus community members.

OnePlus says it will accept applications from people willing to participate in the panel. If you’re big on themes and wallpaper customization and can provide feedback on it, you should apply to be a member of the 15-person panel by clicking here. The application will stay open from May 6th to May 12th.

Since the first OnePlus One, which was built on CyanogenOS, OnePlus devices have always featured customization options. Accent colours, fingerprint unlock icons, icon styles, fonts, lock screen clock panel, and the Always-On display screen are all customization options on OnePlus phones today.

Though it’s still unclear, OnePlus’ aim by introducing a theme store could be to unify all the above-mentioned features in one compact space for easy accessibility.

There aren’t many confirmed specifics about OxygenOS 12 or the theme store right now. However, we’ll find out more about them on May 18 at the OnePlus Open Ears Forum.

Source: OnePlus Forum