Vancouver’s Uninterrupted lets you swim with the fishes in VR

Just keep swimming

Uninterrupted is bringing ‘swimming with the fishes’ to virtual reality (VR). Uninterrupted in Vancouver offers a look at the difficult journey of the Pacific salmon through a 25-minute VR experience.

You’ll be able to watch salmon with visual storytelling, music, sound effects and the voice of Neskonlith elder Mary Thomas speaking in the SecwepemctsĂ­n language, according to CBC.

This is a follow-up to Uninterrupted’s pilot project that launched back in 2017.

The footage was shot during four different salmon migrations throughout four years across three different rivers in B.C.

This is a pretty cool usage of synchronized VR, which offers the virtual reality experience in a small group. Uninterrupted is presenting this experience outdoors.

Uninterrupted has 20 VR headsets that are connected to a local area network to a central computer. When you arrive and check-in, you’ll need to wear a mask, but when you’re in your seat you can take it off.

The staff cleans headsets with equipment called ‘Cleanbox,’ a smart tech hygiene device that uses UBC medical-grade light to decontaminate the headsets.

Seating will also be socially distanced at two metres apart.

Source: CBC