New rumours suggest Toyota could build Apple’s often-rumoured car

We likely won't see an official Apple Car announcement for several years

New rumours surrounding the mysterious Apple Car suggest that Toyota may be the automotive company to manufacture it.

The leak states that Apple executives have met with the SK Group in South Korea and LG regarding a possible Apple Car collaboration, but that now the tech giant is holding meetings with Toyota as well.

The Apple Car project has been rumoured since 2014. While at one point it looked like the tech giant was only working on infotainment software and self-driving technology, more recent rumours from January hint that Apple is on the verge of brokering an electric vehicle (EV) deal with Hyundai.

Other reports also claim Apple is working on its own battery tech that’s cheaper and more powerful than existing EV batteries.

That said, it’s unclear if any of these rumours are connected since the scope and leadership of Apple’s EV project has shifted several times over the past few years.

Source: DigiTimes Via: MacRumors, Reuters