The Nintendo Switch finally gets Bluetooth audio support in new update

Since launching in March 2017, the Switch has only supported wired headphones


After more than four years on the market, the Nintendo Switch is finally getting Bluetooth audio support.

On Twitter, Nintendo of America confirmed that a new system update (version 13.0.0) has rolled out with adds the ability to pair Bluetooth audio devices to your Switch. This means that you can now use any of your favourite Bluetooth headphones, like Apple’s AirPods.

Until now, the Switch has only supported wired headphones. While the Switch has always supported Bluetooth, it never used this functionality for audio. Instead, Bluetooth was only leveraged to connect controllers.

To pair Bluetooth headphones, go to the Switch’s Home menu, open ‘System Settings’ and scroll down to the new ‘Bluetooth Audio’ section. From here, select ‘Pair’ to search for any Bluetooth audio devices in range.

Other additions in version 13.0.0 include an ‘Update Dock’ option in System Settings to allow for Switch docks to be updated via LAN port and the ability to maintain an internet connection while the Switch is in Sleep Mode.

Source: Nintendo