DoorDash expands alcohol delivery to Canada

You'll need to upload photo ID to verify your age

DoorDash Android app

DoorDash is expanding alcohol delivery to Canada.

The service launched in California before the COVID-19 pandemic and has been expanding to other U.S. states over the past several months.

Now, Canadians can toggle to the ‘Alcohol’ tab of the DoorDash app to view a selection of drinks from restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores and other businesses.

To verify that you’re 19 or order, the DoorDash app has a one-time requirement that you upload a photo of your ID. DoorDash says its delivery people, ‘Dashers,’ will see a blurred version of the ID that displays your photo and birth date only. They’ll use this to visually confirm your identity upon drop-off.

DoorDash is available on iOS, Android and the web.

Alongside this announcement, DoorDash has revealed partnerships with Responsibility.org and Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) to promote safe and responsible drinking.

Source: DoorDash