Koodo customer gets 10GB for $40 with 1000-minute international long-distance in Richmond, B.C.

The customer also got 1000-minute international long-distance calling as a free add-on

A Koodo customer in Richmond, British Columbia was able to get a pretty sweet deal in-store.

The customer secured a $10 discount for 24 months off the $50 for 10GB Koodo plan, with unlimited Canada-wide calling, unlimited international messaging, bring your own device with a free 1000-minute international long-distance add-on.

This amounts to roughly $265 in savings over two years.

The customer posted the deal on RedFlagDeals and states that it’s for new customers only. Additionally, the $50 one-time connection fee was waived and rebated in the first two months.

Finally, the customer says that some stores they called only offered $10 off for 12 months and others insisted are charging an extra one-time store activation fee of up to $45.

Source: RedFlagDeals