Logitech finally dropped the number pad from its MX Keys keyboard

I've never understood why there are two number sections on most keyboards

Logitech has released a new keyboard targeted at people who enjoy using chiclet-styled keys and appreciate a minimalist keyboard setup.

The keyboard, called the MX Keys Mini, is just a smaller version of its popular MX Keys keyboard. Both the legacy keyboard and the newer/smaller option are great for people who want a keyboard that matches their Apple products or to emulate the feeling of an Apple Magic Keyboard on Windows.

The keyboard also includes backlit keys and the ability to switch quickly between up to three devices.

For years, I used an MX Keys keybard with my main Windows PC at home and loved it. However, I often wished Logitech would have made it without the dumb Numpad. I found the dimples on each keycap and the simple low-travel design appealing as someone who also used a MacBook full time.

My opinion soured a little bit on it after a few years, however. Dirt got stuck behind the left arrow key, and when I removed it to clean it out, I never got it back in properly. When I contacted Logitech about it, they offered me a 30 percent off coupon towards a new keyboard and didn’t even try to help me fix my broken one.

At the end of the day, I really liked using the MX Keys and would recommend it to most people who want an excellent chiclet keyboard for Windows. Just be aware that it might not last forever. If you have a Mac, you’re still likely better off with Apple’s first-party keyboards.

Logitech’s MX Keys Mini is available on the company’s website for $129.99.