Apple Music may be coming to PlayStation 5

This makes sense considering Apple and Sony's existing Apple TV+ partnership

It looks like Apple Music is on its way to PlayStation 5.

On the Apple Music subreddit, user u/HOLYWARS1990 posted an image from their PS5 displaying both Spotify and Apple Music. The user says this showed up for them when they were setting up a new account on their PS5 and were prompted to sign into a music service.

Interestingly, Eurogamer‘s Ishraq Subhan, who’s based in the U.K., said he wasn’t able to get the option to appear on his native account, but was successful when he changed his region to the U.S. However, he says he was unable to reproduce it afterward. For what it’s worth, I didn’t see the option appear on my Canadian-based account.

Given this, it seems like PlayStation has been testing the feature in a limited capacity ahead of a potential wider release. While neither Sony nor Apple has yet commented on Apple Music on PS5, it seems like a logical move considering the companies’ existing partnership. Notably, the PS5 was the first gaming console to get Apple TV+ support, and Apple is even offering six months of the service for free to PS5 owners.

In other Apple news, the Cupertino, California-based tech giant recently confirmed that it will hold a new keynote on October 18th that will likely be focused on Macs.

Via: Eurogamer