Pokémon Go is making several gameplay adjustments in the coming months

New features include egg hatch animations and PokéStop functionalities

Pokémon Go is testing several gameplay adjustments in the coming months, according to a new blog post from Niantic.

Some of the features that will soon be available include:

  • Nickname suggestions for new Trainers
  • An expanded set of Trainer Tips
  • New PokéStop features
  • Egg hatch updates, including the option to skip the hatch animation
  • A Special Research story that introduces new Trainers to the world of Pokémon Go

Additionally, Pokémon Go’s Halloween content will run from October 15th to 31st with two separate parts. The first part focuses on Psychic and Poison-type Pokémon and marks Galarian Slowking’s debut in the mobile game. The second part that starts October 22nd stars Ghost-type Pokémon.

The above video plays the Lavender town theme song, which is a creepy ghost town from Pokémon’s Kanto region. Be careful with this music around kids… (not actually).  

Pokémon Go available on both iOS and Android.

Source: Pokémon Go Blog