Metrolinx starts Go train service between London and Toronto

A one-way trip from London to Toronto costs $30 and takes about 4 hours

Metrolinx, Ontario’s regional transportation organization, has launched the first Go train service between Toronto and London.

According to Metrolinx, the first few passengers boarded the train at 5:20am ET on October 18th, accompanied by several transportation enthusiasts, Metrolinx personnel and local media.

The train took four hours to get from London’s Go station to Toronto’s Union Station. Compared to the average driving time between the two stations, the train takes about one and a half-hour more to complete the journey.

Go train service between Toronto and Southwestern Ontario is currently an experimental pilot program. The service offers one daily weekday trip from London to Toronto and one weekday evening trip from Toronto to London. However, the frequency of trains might increase, depending on the demand.

The eastbound train will stop on all stations from London to Bramalea Go, including St. Marys and Stratford and go express to Union Station. Likewise, the westbound route will be express from Union Station to Bramalea Go and then make all stops on the way to London.

A one-way ticket from London to Toronto costs $30. It’s worth noting that since the new route is currently in its pilot project phase, riders won’t be able to use their Presto Card, and instead, will have to purchase Go e-tickets.

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Image credit: Metrolinx

Source: Go Transit


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