Snapchat announces ‘Quick Tap to Snap’ feature coming to Pixel 6 line

Quick Tap to Snap will be available on some older Pixel phones as well

Snap, the company behind popular social media app Snapchat, announced it partnered with Google to bring a few new features to the brand new Pixel 6 and 6 Pro.

First and foremost, Snapchat on the Pixel 6 series will support ‘Quick Tap to Snap,’ which lets Pixel 6 users tap the back of their phone to open the Snapchat camera directly on the lock screen. The feature should allow Snapchat users to quickly and easily capture moments without needing to unlock their phone.

“This OEM lockscreen integration is a key step toward making Snapchat the fastest way to share a moment, and we look forward to bringing more innovation to our community with our partners at Google and beyond,” said Nana Murugesan, managing director of international markets at Snap, in an email to MobileSyrup.

Once a Snapchatter has their snap ready to go, they can authenticate themselves to unlock the Pixel 6 or 6 Pro and access the full app to publish and share their snap. It’s worth noting that users can save pictures from the camera-only mode to their phone’s camera roll, but not to Snapchat without unlocking the phone.

Snap also has some good news for those not getting the new Pixel 6 or 6 Pro: the Quick Tap to Snap feature will also be available on the Pixel 4a 5G, 5 and 5a. While that leaves out other Android phones, Snapchat made it clear to MobileSyrup that it wants to work with other manufacturers to enable other quick ways to access Snapchat.

“We want to make access to the Snapchat camera as quick and easy as possible for all Snapchatters, and we welcome partnering with other OEMs to work toward making this goal a reality,’ said Murugesan.

Along with Quick Tap to Snap, the company says it’s launching exclusive augmented reality lenses with Google for the new Pixels that leverage the capabilities of the new Tensor chip.”

“We’re teaming up with Google to launch new augmented reality Lenses, as well as power some of Snapchat’s top Lenses like ‘baby’, ‘old’ and ‘cartoon’ that leverage this chipset technology,” said Murugesan.

Plus, Snapchat will support some of the Pixel 6 lines’ standout new features. For example, the new live translation feature will be available to use directly in Snapchat’s chat feature on Pixel 6.

Through the live translation capability, Snapchatters will be able to talk to their friends in more than 10 languages, with conversations translated in real-time. Snapchat says this will launch over the coming months.

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Images credit: Snapchat