Here’s how to download your enhanced COVID-19 vaccine certificate in Ontario

The enhanced vaccine can you into places like indoor restaurants, gyms, clubs and more

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Ontario’s enhanced COVID-19 vaccine certificate launched on October 18th.

The enhanced vaccine certification is a QR code that Ontarians can download and scan at locations that require vaccination verification, including indoor restaurants, gyms and clubs. You can still use your previous vaccine passport, but this method aims to save time.

To download the enhanced vaccine certificate, first head to this link. Following that, you’ll be asked a series of questions such as how many doses you received, if your COVID-19 vaccinations were all done in Ontario, what type of health card you have, and if you are non-Indigenous.

For those who have modern green photo health cards and an up-to-date web browser, you’ll be pushed to the next part of the portal and then get you to confirm.

Following that, you’ll need your health card number, the nine-character code at the back of the card, two-letter version code, date of birth and postal code. Lastly, you’ll see the ‘Proof of vaccination’ option. Next, hit continue and download your enhanced vaccine certificate.

You can also save your enhanced certificate on iOS or Android.

Image credit: Flickr — Ben Gauger