Intel’s upcoming Core i9-12900K CPU leaked by U.S. retailer

The leak includes information about pricing, core count and more

Some of Intel’s upcoming Alder Lake CPUs leaked via U.S. retailer Micro Center, revealing some details about the company’s flagship i9 processor, including price.

As spotted by The Verge, the sale page lists the new Core i9-12900K CPU at $669.99 USD (roughly $826.96 CAD, although it’s worth keeping in mind that Canadian prices are seldom straight conversions from the U.S. price). While expensive, if the new 12900K does cost around $830 in Canada, it’d be about a $90 increase over its predecessor, the i9-11900K.

Aside from the price, the Micro Center spec sheet reveals some other details about the new i9 CPU. For example, the chip will have a 3.2GHz operating frequency and can hit 5.2GHz in Turbo Mode. The i9 features 16 cores and 30MB of L3 cache.

That last part lines up with a promise Intel made at its 2021 Architecture Day that the Alder Lake chips would have a 16-core option with eight performance cores and eight efficient ones. The leaked i9 details also list support for 24 concurrent threads (two each on the performance cores, while the efficient cores only have one) and 125W thermal power.

Further, the Core i9 leak confirms other expected details, like support for DDR5 memory, PCIe Gen 5 and the Intel Z690 chipset motherboards, which will likely go on sale alongside the new Alder Lake CPUs.

Source: Micro Center Via: The Verge