Wow, this leaked internal Facebook video is so incredibly cringe

Watching it has done permanent damage to my psyche

Facebook has done some truly terrible things, but this leaked internal benefits video might be the peak.

Look, every company has internal videos for employees to communicate some important information, whether it’s about benefits, workplace rules, whatever. Most of them are very cringey. But as with so many things, Facebook is determined to be much worse than everyone else.

And so we have this:

It’s worth noting that the above video is a reposted copy since the original video was made private (hopefully because Facebook realized how shameful it was to be publicly associated with this.

Buzzfeed News reporter Katie Notopoulous first posted the video on Twitter, calling it more “damning than anything in the Haugen leak.”

The only tolerable part of the video is when they jump into the “metaverse” and several dead-eyed virtual reality characters stare into your soul while reading off information about benefits. Well, tolerable is a stretch. But hey, at least we got a tease of our digital future!

The Metaverse.

I feel sorry for all involved with this video — both those who made it and those who chose to watch it. I’d like to end on a positive note, but I don’t think there is one, unless this one video manages to singlehandedly destroy a massive company with a terrifying amount of power.

The cringe is that powerful, but I don’t think it — or anything — can contend with Zuckerberg’s unflinching desire to ruin everything with pokes and likes.

Source: @katienotopoulous Via: Input