Pixel 6 series’ always-on display animation issue has an easy fix

tl;dr: Set the 'Animator Duration Scale' back to 1x speed

If you’ve encountered an issue surrounding the Pixel 6’s and 6 Pro‘s always-on display animation, there’s a simple fix.

But first, here’s some background: if you change the Animator Duration Scale in the smartphone’s developer options, it causes the fingerprint print icon and battery level to disappear on the always-on screen, according to a Reddit user ‘Apk07‘.

To solve this problem you’ll need to return the ‘Animator Duration Scale’ back to its previous setting. To do this, navigate to the developer options in the ‘Systems’ menu, look for the ‘Animator Duration Scale’ option, and change it back to 1x speed.

While it’s weird this problem occurs, it likely has something to do with the smartphones’ always-on display, which switches to the lock screen once you tap on the screen or the power button. When that happens with the Pixel 6, the smartphone displays an animation that showcases a fingerprint outline on the always-on screen, which only works on the 1x animation setting.

Google’s Pixel 6 and 6 Pro are great devices but similar to other Pixel releases there seems to be at least a few issues with the devices. For example, some users have reported a flickering screen problem. Google has already said that it plans to fix this issue with its upcoming Pixel 6 December release update.

Source: Reddit Via: Android Police