The OnePlus 10 might borrow all the wrong design elements from Samsung

I hope this leak isn't real

The first leak of the OnePlus 10 Pro shows off an absolutely enormous camera module.

The new camera array looks to borrow the wrap-around design Samsung utilized with the Galaxy S21 series but implements it in a way that stretches horizontally rather than vertically.

The leak comes from reputable leaker Steve Hemstoffer (onleaks), but it’s only a render, so the final product might look quite a bit different. The new camera looks to keep the three-sensor design of most flagship smartphones, so I’d expect there to be a zoom lens, a normal lens and an ultrawide included in the array.

Notably, this render is missing Hasselblad branding, but the final version will likely include the logo since OnePlus paid so much to partner with the legacy camera manufacturer.

As always, it’s important to note that this is just a render and that the smartphone’s design could change considerably before it releases.

If you don’t feel like waiting for the new OnePlus phone, you can pick up a new OnePlus 9 Pro/9 Pro on sale this month.

Source: @onleaks