Ride in style with Waze’s new Halo-inspired Razorback and Brute Chopper

Users can choose between Laurette Agryna or Jega 'Rdomnai Moods as well

Back in August, Waze users were greeted by a quality update that allowed you to set Halo’s Master Chief or Escharum as the navigation app’s voice and ride in style with the in-app Warthog or a Ghost.

Now, what is most likely a result of yesterday’s Halo Infinite multiplayer mode release and the broader 20th anniversary of the franchise, the Google subsidiary is adding new Halo-inspired Moods and vehicles to its navigation app for a limited time.

Waze users can choose between Laurette Agryna or Jega ‘Rdomnai Moods and ride in all-new vehicle icons, including a Razorback or a Brute Chopper.

It’s unclear how long the feature will be available, but you can enable it by navigating to the ‘My Waze’ section of Waze’s settings or by opening this link directly from your mobile.

Source: Waze