Rogers announces expansion of fibre-powered network along Route 490 in New Brunswick

The company has started multiple initiatives in Atlantic Canada since January 2020

Residents and businesses along Route 490 in New Brunswick will soon have access to all services the company provides, including Rogers Ignite Internet, delivering a speed of 1.5 gigabit per second. Rogers IPTV service and Ignite TV will also be available.

The company is putting $1.5 million towards the initiative to expand the network 30 kilometers.

It will connect a further 320 homes and businesses. Construction is expected to be completed by the end of 2022.

“We know some areas of the province don’t have reliable internet service and this expansion is welcome news,” Daniel Allain, Minister of Local Government and Local Governance Reform, said in a press release.

According to a recent survey conducted by Rogers Communications, 85 percent of small businesses in the country picked reliable connectivity as the most important thing. Results showed privacy, speed, cost, and support, followed closely behind. The survey also showed most small businesses rely on connectivity: 88 percent use the internet, 82 percent WiFi, and 67 percent have wireless plans coupled with cloud services.

“Now more than ever before, investments in broadband network infrastructure make a meaningful difference in people’s lives allowing them to participate in the workforce, remote learning, access telehealth services, support local businesses and stay in touch with loved ones,” Matt MacLellan, president of Rogers in the Atlantic region, said in a statement.

This is the latest step the company has taken to increase its presence in Atlantic Canada.

A separate study paid for by the company showed Rogers’ presence in the region in 2020 led to $630 million of output, including 2,500 full-time jobs.

Source: Rogers

Image credit: Shutterstock