Sony’s new TV camera will tell you if your children are sitting too close to the TV

It's a webcam for your TV

Sony’s latest innovation unveiled at CES 2022 is a webcam designed for TVs, and while that in itself isn’t that interesting, some of its features are.

The Bravia Cam is what Sony is calling its new TV webcam that will come bundled with the company’s 2022 lineup, though it’s also available to purchase separately. The smart webcam can detect where and when you’re sitting and adjusts the television’s settings accordingly, including TV brightness, volume and sound balance, which can tune the audio for your relative position in front of the TV.

The Bravia Cam can also help you save electricity, as it will automatically dim the TV after it detects that you’ve moved away from it. You can set the dimming to take place within as little as a minute of you leaving the room, or you can set it to go off after an hour.

However, one of the main features the camera offers is especially useful if you have children. You can set up a proximity alert that will automatically pop up on the screen if the camera detects that someone is sitting too close to the TV.

Not repositioning to a farther distance causes the TV screen to blackout until the individual moves back to a safe viewing distance. By default, this setting will be on and can likely be configured to your needs. The camera can also be used to control and navigate the TV with gestures, though that isn’t that novel of a feature.

Sony hasn’t revealed the pricing or the release date for its new Bravia Cam.

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Image credit: Sony

Source: Sony Via: The Verge