dbrand’s April 1st drop will test your craftmanship

The Canadian phone skin company has released a DIY vinyl skin kit

It’s April 1st, the dreaded day when you can’t take anything for its face value, though you can take @LinusTech‘s face and adorn your smartphone with it. What first seemed like a joke is an actual new product from dbrand that you can order right now.

The Canadian phone skin company has released a DIY kit, which essentially, is just the company’s vinyl phone skins, but instead of being pre-cut, dbrand will ship you the whole sheet, and you get to do the hard work of cutting it according to the device you want to stick it on.

dbrand launched two “flavours” for the DIY kit:

  • The Classic Kit comes with a 1x1ft. vinyl sheet of your choice along with ‘plain packaging’ for $24.95
  • The Deluxe Kit comes with a 2x3ft. vinyl sheet of your choice along with ‘fancy packaging,’ a Tajima Ruler and a Olfa Knife for $99.95

The latter of the two kits is currently sold out, though the Classic Kit is still available on dbrand’s website. The skins available include ‘Teardown,’ ‘F*** Off,’ ‘Sticker Bomb,’ ‘Linus Face Tips,’ and a range of gloss and carbon colourways. It’s worth noting that there are no leather skin variants, something that recently became a permanent part of dbrand’s online store.

If you’re going to order the kit, make sure you watch some videos about how to cut the vinyl sheets properly, otherwise you’ll end up with phone that looks like Brandon Lee‘s in the the Tweet above.

Check out the kit for yourself here.

Image credit: dbrand

Source: dbrand