‘Too Good to Go’ expands to Edmonton

The app has been available to Canadians since July 2021

Anti food waste app ‘Too Good to Go’ has arrived in Alberta’s capital city.

The app connects users to restaurants and grocery stores with surplus food they can purchase at a discounted price to reduce food waste, an issue experienced across the world.

More than 80 stores in Edmonton are already on the app, and more businesses will be added as the company continues to expand.

“We already have a very diverse and engaged group of partners on board who are conscious of the importance of saving surplus food both financially, socially and environmentally,” Sam Kashani, Too Good To Go’s country manager, said.”We call on every business to join the movement so that the largest amount of meals can be saved.”

According to Too Good To Go, 58 percent of all food in Canada goes to waste. But Canadians are on board to change this. The company reports that 74 percent of Edmonton residents understand the issues associated with food waste, and nearly 60 percent say they’re making changes to reduce this waste in their personal lives.

The app first became available to Canadians in July 2o21, launching in Toronto. It has expanded to several cities since, including Vancouver and Calgary. The app has helped Canadians save half a million meals since it launched.

Source: Too Good To Go