Results of joint investigation into Tim Hortons app will be released Wednesday

The investigation examined the apps collection of users' geolocation information

Canada’s Office of the Privacy Commissioner will release a joint report Wednesday detailing how Tim Hortons’ app collects and uses app users’ geolocation information.

The commissioners of Canada, Quebec, Alberta and British Columbia launched the investigation in June 2020.

It started after media reports detailed the allegations. The National Post, the first one to report on the matter, said the app constantly tracked users’ movements, even if they were outside of Canada.

The Globe and Mail reports that more than one in 10 Canadians use the app every month, with more than 4.3 million active monthly users.

The company also faces four lawsuits, arguing the company used personal information to grow the app digitally.

“Geolocation data can be very sensitive as it can reveal information about the habits and activities of individuals, for example, medical visits or places that they regularly frequent,” the four commissioners stated when launching their investigation.

Source: National Post, Globe and Mail