Tesla to once again launch Enhanced Autopilot in Canada and the U.S.

Tesla is reintroducing Enhanced Autopilot in Canada for a premium $6,400 cost

Tesla is once again bringing its Enhanced Autopilot to Canada and the U.S. Interested users can navigate and find the premium add-on within the company’s website and mobile app.

Enhanced Autopilot has been available in various markets around the world. It offers the ‘Navigate’ function on Autopilot as well as a few other notable features. For instance, those who purchase the add-on gain access to ‘Auto Lane Change,’ ‘Summon’ and ‘Smart Summon’ functionality.

Recently, Tesla launched Enhanced Autopilot in new markets like Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, and Singapore. Now, Canada and U.S. are seeing the return of Enhanced Autopilot. At one point, Tesla offered trials to test out the system prior to purchasing. It now appears as though those who wish to test it must purchase Enhanced Autopilot for the full $6,400.

The option to purchase Enhanced Autopilot is available to new buyers as well as existing Tesla owners.

In 2019, Tesla offered the feature to new buyers in North America. However, the company reverted access to the feature as it rolled out Full Self Driving, effectively replacing Enhanced Autopilot. However, the transition to Full Self Driving came with an even steeper price tag. The package is available in Canada for $10,600.

The reintroduction of Enhanced Autopilot effectively gives drives more options and feature models for their Tesla vehicle.

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Source: Tesla North