Lost iPhone submerged in river for 10 months still works

IP68,000 water and dust resistant

iPhone 13

During an August 2021 canoe trip, Owen Davies, a man from Edinburgh, Scotland, lost his iPhone in a river.

Fortunately for him, the phone was retrieved 10 months later by Miguel Pacheco while he was also on a canoe trip. Pacheco quickly dried out the device and attempted to track down the owner by posting photos from Davies’ iPhone.

To dry it out, he used an airline and compressor and then placed it in an airing cupboard overnight, only to discover that it miraculously still turned after charging it the following day.

The device displayed the date, August 13th, the day it dropped in the river, alongside a photo of two people on its home screen.

The photo on the iPhone’s lock screen was shared with more than 4,000 people in a local Facebook group that eventually made its way to Davies and his fiancĂ©e Fiona Gardener. It’s unclear what model of iPhone was involved. Apple’s iPhone line has featured IP68 water and dust resistance since the release of the iPhone 7 in 2016.

Though extremely lucky, this isn’t the longest period an iPhone has been submerged in water and remained functional.

Back in 2016, a Pennsylvania man dropped his iPhone 4 in an icy lake and it survived 18 months — yes, you read that right.

In another situation, a woman from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan retrieved her functioning iPhone from the bottom of an ice fishing hole after it was submerged for 30 days.

Sources: BBC Via: Digital Trends