Wear OS 3 can support iOS after all

The Montblanc Summit 3 will reportedly support iOS while still featuring Google's Wear OS 3

While Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 doesn’t support iOS, it looks like Wear OS 3 still works with the iPhone.

Last year the Galaxy Watch 4 came with Wear OS 3 onboard, but it lacked iPhone support, so many assumed that Wear OS 3 in turn would lack iOS support. Further, when Google announced the Pixel Watch back in May, it seemed that the smartwatch would only work with Android smartphones as well.

However, the Montblanc Summit 3, will also support iPhone despite featuring Wear OS 3, according to Wareable. The Montblanc Summit 3 will go on sale in July for $1,290 USD ($1662.80 CAD).

If this is true, then the Pixel Watch and Galaxy Watch 4 purposefully block iOS and it’s not due to the limitations of Wear OS 3.

Source: Wareable Via: 9to5Google