Samsung to showcase 12 startups at CES

These range from digital eyes to Metaverse projects

Samsung always has a massive presence at CES, so it’s nice to see the company sharing the spotlight with several startups it helped fund.

Four in-house Samsung startups and eight external companies are supported in what the company calls a startup accelerator. Samsung says that it’s nurtured over 500 small companies over the past five years and these companies represent the tech giant’s commitment to finding new ideas.

The four in-house small companies are as follows:

  • Meta-Running, a metaverse platform to learn proper running form
  • Porkamix, a metaverse platform that provides an interactive concert experience
  • Soom, a new meditation experience with real-time feedback
  • Falette, a 3D digital transformation for home fabric products

The eight outside companies’ support are listed below:

  • NdotLight, a web-based 3D design solution
  • NEUBILITY, an urban delivery service through self-driving robots
  • 40FY, a digital mental health care app service from examination to treatment,
  • CELLICO, a micro-bionic eye for patients with retinal disease
  • Plask, an AI and browser-based motion capture and animation editing tool
  • Wrn Technologies, writing training and content creation services using Generative AI
  • Catius, a multi-turn conversational AI companion for children
  • Erangtek, an IoT micro repeater for home users to improve call quality

Source: Samsung