Users report seeing ‘Fall Detection’ feature on Google’s Pixel Watch

Google hasn't yet announced a wide release of the feature for the Pixel Watch

Apple introduced ‘Fall Detection’ to its line of wearables with the Apple Watch Series 4 back in 2018, and it has since been a staple feature. Some tech giants are still playing catch-up in that regard.

In October last year, Google introduced its first Pixel wearable, the Pixel Watch. At the time, Google said that ‘Fall Detection’ is coming to its smartwatch “this winter.” Now, some users are reporting seeing prompts to set up the feature.

As first shared by 9to5Google, a Pixel Watch owner was recently prompted to set up Fall Detection to “get help quickly after a hard fall by allowing your watch to call your primary contact.” The prompt came after they reset their wearable while running the December 2022 Pixel Watch Update and the ‘RWD9.220429.070’ build.

To find the feature on your Pixel Watch, head to Settings > Safety & Emergency > Fall Detection. Similarly, there’s a new tab for the feature in the companion Pixel Watch app. It reads as follows:

Fall detection and international emergency calling are not available in all areas. International emergency calling feature requires Google Pixel Watch with 4G LTE. Fall detection, Emergency SOS, and international emergency calling are dependent upon network connectivity and other factors and may not be reliable for emergency communications or available in all areas or languages. Fall detection may not detect all falls. Auto-dialing to emergency services is not available in all countries. See g.co/pixelwatch/personalsafety for more details.

Google hasn’t widely rolled Fall Detection for the Pixel Watch yet, so it’s likely still in the testing phase. A full release is likely coming soon.

Via: 9to5Google