PlayStation 5’s $270 DualSense Edge is now available in Canada

PlayStation's answer to the Xbox Elite Controller is finally here

DualSense Edge in hand

PlayStation’s DualSense Edge controller is now available in Canada.

Similar to Xbox’s Elite Controller, the high-end PS5 gamepad offers a fully customizable experience that includes a variety of swappable components and remappable buttons.

In Canada, it sports the rather steep price tag of $270. (By contrast, the standard DualSense costs $90.) Besides the controller itself, you’ll also get:

  • carrying case
  • connector housing
  • USB braided cable
  • two standard caps
  • two high dome caps
  • two low dome caps
  • two half-dome back buttons
  • two lever back buttons

Pre-orders went up in October, so availability may vary. That said, retailers that at least carry the controller include Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop Canada, The Source and Walmart. $25 replacement stick modules are also available.

Stay tuned to MobileSyrup for impressions of the controller.